Christchurch: Katja Rademacher berichtet von der Papanui High School - Christchruch (Südinsel / Neuseeland)
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I’m Katja and from Augsburg. I made up my mind to go to New Zealand for half a year in summer. With team! My most-wanted wish came true. In January I got on the plane excited about what is waiting for me down there. The more than 30 hours trip there was worth it. I stayed in Wellington for my first week in New Zealand to have an orientation week there. There we also got to know the german-speaking people from the organization we had down there. I spent the week there in a very lovely hostfamily with another German girl of my group.

 Then I took another plane to my new home, Christchurch. I had a very nice hostfamily , but after about 6 weeks I realized that I did’nt really got on well with a few ideas of my hostfamily and changed easy with the awesome help of the school. My second hostfamily was all I could wish for. I felt as if I was a daughter to them and had an unbelieveable time there.

I went to Papanui High School in the north of the city centre of Christchurch. When I came to school the very first day we had an orientation with tests. There I got to know the other Internationals. We were about 12 Germans, a few Brasilians and a lot of Asians out of 65 Internationals and 1500 students in the whole school.I was in Year 12 there and had to wear school uniform. It was an awesome experience to wear it even though I didn’t like it in the beginning. I took Outdoor Education, Food & Nutrition, Maths, English, and Computer Studies. In Outdoor Education you learn a lot about the New Zealand bush, Hiking, Mountain Biking and more. In our school there are not only Internationals in Outdoor Education, but also “Kiwis” as the New Zealanders are called and call themselves. We went on an hiking trip and a mountain bike trip. Food & Nutrition was my favourite subject because it was really interesting . We cooked a lot and I brought the recepies back to do them here again. Our teacher there put a Kiwi as a cooking partner for every International. This made it easier to make friends with Kiwis. I got a buddy to help me get used to the school and to have someone to speak to from the beginning aswell. She became a good friend of mine.

There are a lot of clubs at our school like hockey, rugby, hiking, skiing and much more. The skiing club goes skiing every Sunday in winter if the ski field is open. It is really cheap to do it.

I spoke English to everyone from the beginning which helped me a lot in finding friends and I got fluent in English and dreamed in English quite fast. I had problems to talk to my parents over skype in German because I was so used to the English language.

We had a formal in the second term. It was an amazing experience. Everyone was so excited to go there especially the girls. It was an highlight of my time down there.

Over Easter I went around the South Island with NtoZ. The different landscapes were breathtaking and you get the chance to see more of New Zealand and to do typical activities while on tour.

My favourite place was/ is the Milford Sound with its waterfalls.


All in all my 6 months in New Zealand were the best 6 months of my life so far and I will always think back to that awesome experience. Thanks to my family, team!, my lovely hostfamily, Papanui High School and most of all because of the amazing and wonderful friends I made there. I will be back as soon as possible.

Love Kat

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